MA Moonwalks is a subdivision of Crystal Entertainment Services. CES was formed in the early 80’s with the intent of providing excellent service and performance in the Disc Jockey field. Back in the early 80’s most of the equipment was from the 70’s and was very basic to say the least, including amusement games and rides. A lot of our equipment was made using basic wood and bought at sound shops ect. Light shows did not exist mostly for the mobile DJ so most items had to be made or constructed and were at times very dangerous by today’s standards. Those were the days where you blow up pyrotechnics and flash pots and no one cared. Sound equipment was heavy and bulky at best. It worked and sounded good but it weight a ton. In 2008 some of our heavy speakers are only 20lbs compared to 85-90lbs for the same unit. Technology has made items smaller and lighter in size and performance and also much safer.

In the Early 90’s it became clear that other unique party items were of interest to clients. The craze of Laser Karaoke hit with the force of an atom bomb and the DJ and entertainment industry was changed forever. The effects of this can still be seen and felt today with shows like American Idol. Back in those days the internet was pretty much unknown to most people. Slowly we started adding more and more game units and attractions.

Now in 2008 we added a second website dedicated solely to novelty entertainment and inflatable games and rides. Our main website started to become to saturated with all the items we offered. MA Moonwalks is designed to offer simple easy navigation for party rentals and services. Visit our main site for more information and descriptions.

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