Splash Day Fun!!!

When the heat turns on in the Summer look to our Splash day Fun! We offer a wide assortment of inflatable and non inflatable water attractions designed to beat the heat. Everyone loves to have fun in the water and what better way than with our water slide or slip and slide ride? We also offer a complete Splash day event with multiple water based attractions to make a complete water day. All we need is access to a standard hose outlet and we will take care of the rest. Speak with one of our representatives for more details.

See our units in action.

18ft Inflatable Wet/Dry slide

If you are looking for a giant slide then look no further than this. Our giant dual lane slide offers a 2 player challenge to race to the bottom. The giant slide has stairs and grips on the back to climb up and offers a safety net so you can’t jump off. This slide also offers the option of being wet or dry so it can be turned into a giant super water slide challenge. A lot of slides offer only one side to race down but our new slide has two lanes to go down. The slide is fast and slippery wet or dry. 

Slip and Slide

Our 32ft slip and slide is the best way to keep cool on a Hot Summer Day. Get a running start and dive into it. If you run and jump fast enough you will slide all the way down to the end where a pool of water waits. The other nice thing about the slip slide is how fast it can take people through it. From start to finish it can take only 20seconds or less for a person to run down it and then exit so it has a very fast recycle time. Nothing is worse than waiting in the blazing sun to get wet again. With the slip and slide inflatable you won't have to. The blue vinyl on top is super slick to keep each person sliding all the way down. As you slide down the track there are numerous spray areas to keep wet and slick. The slip and slide inflatable beats any pool hands down and is a safe alternative to a large slide game.

Water Slide

When it's hot out turn to our super water slide for intense action. Our giant water slide offers a fun filled afternoon for any event. It can handle hundreds of rides per event with ease. The slide offers an easy climbing ladder to grip onto and large platform for the rider. The hose runs and fills up an entire splash pool which offers a huge splash and soaking. This water slide is sure to be the hit of the party when the heat arrives. Book early as our units tend to sell out when the heat hits. Ask about our new water day program for extra savings.

The Big Splash

 This is the new version of the old classic dunk tank without the waste and wait of the dunk tank. The player sits under the bucket as throwers line up and get ready to toss away. Hit the target and splash a large bucket of clean water falls all over the victim below. Then the bucket tilts back up with a pull and the on off valve fills the bucket in a few seconds. A standard dunk tank is large, slow and can be dirty with used water all day. Our Big splash offers clean water all day long with a great color display. Also a standard dunk tanks can take almost an hour to fill up, not with the Big Splash it takes only a few seconds for the same effect.

Dunk Tank

A classic all around favorite item. People sit in the bench area and people throw balls trying to soak the victim. When the ball hits the target area the bench releases and the person falls into the water. Keep in mind we need to be near a hose and the floor area will be very wet. It is suggested for an outdoor area or location where there is drainage. May we suggest our Big Splash option for a quick dunk tank alternative.

Misting tent

When the temps rise and the heat won't leave and you need relief then the misting tent is the answer. Our misting tent offers a complete cooling solution for any event that needs instant relieve. Made popular at theme parks, sporting events and even the US military these units offer fast heat relief. How the misting tents work is simple, a mist of clean water vapor if sprayed over a large area with multiple nozzles hung above. People then walk through the area or sit and get instant heat relief without a soaking effect of straight water or a water ride. The water vapor is designed to flash evaporate leaving a cooling effect on the skin and can lower the air temperature up to 25 degrees. This is a great affordable option for any event wanting water without the mess and cleanup. No bathing suits needed and our own staff uses them at hot summer events. Great for schools and large events.

Spin Soaker

Our new interactive wacky water game. This is a professional grade game made to delight all ages with a wet soaking fun. This is a great addition to our splash day special or any of our water rides. The Spin soaker is a 4 player position water game that randomly soaks each player when the wheel stops. Pull the handle and spin the wheel and see who gets soaked. Each color position marks who spins the wheel and then pulls the handle. Each player has a shower head above them which will drench the player below. Add this new interactive water game to your special event.

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